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(Latif would later switch roles and will appear in the final series as Starfleet's Lieutenant Tyler, with Kenneth Mitchell replacing him as Kol.)

His Dark Materials TV series on the BBC: Casting

Again, taking advantage of the streaming format, the show " won't be episodic " but will instead tell longer stories, like a novel.

The Official Dallas website for the hit warner brothers

Green, too, has promised a " rawer and grittier " Star Trek - with executive producer Alex Kurtzman even citing HBO's Game of Thrones as an influence.

And, in a nod to The Original Series, Spock's father Sarek will play a significant role in Discovery - with James Frain stepping in for the late Mark Lenard.

Discovery will even go so far as to break one of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's integral franchise rules: an outlawing of any conflict between Starfleet crew members.

Donna scowled at Amy a lot during her short time in the group. Following Amy's death, Donna unexpectedly said that she loved Amy and that she loves everyone in the group.

Her background before the epidemic was of being a housewife, while her husband Allen ran a shoe store on the verge of financial collapse in Atlanta. She was stated as being eight years older than Allen. After the dead rose, Donna and her family joined the group of survivors encamped on the outskirts of Atlanta.

There was even speculation that Martin-Green's character might be half-Vulcan like Mr. Spock, but turns out that while Michael is all-human , she's actually Spock's adopted sister !

When former flames Sara Preston and Katherine Wesley reconnect after six years apart, it seems unlikely that they'll ever be able to put their past behind them. And with the political turmoil, family intrusions and the press interfering, it may be downright impossible.

Moon and Warcraft director Duncan Jones has also expressed an interest in working on the new Trek - one to keep in mind for season two?

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