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Trump called in to his favorite show, Fox News'' "Fox & Friends," for a quick pick-me-up after his State of the Union address. Trump isn''t the complete focus of this one, but when he shows up to tout the address, he gets in some good jokes -- like how "people" are saying the SOTU was better than Martin Luther King''s "I Dream of Jeannie" speech.  Watch the sketch here.

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She also meets the Guardian of the Miraculous, Master Fu, and discovers that there are other Miraculous that exist. Thanks to them, she will be able to occasionally call for help from new superheroes chosen by him during particularly difficult missions.

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In middle school, Kagami, a new female student, attracts the attention of Adrien, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Marinette. But on her part, Marinette meets Luka, who risks causing heart trouble.

"SNL" channels two weeks of executive actions and other Trump news items to turn out a ton of jokes that channel absurdity while still finding new ways to be funny. Watch the sketch here.

Trump checks in with rural white Americans after ordering an airstrike on Syria. Desperate to keep everyone happy, he promises everyone will have coal jobs for the rest of their lives and that he''ll slash minimum wage. The final joke about "finger chili" is a standout moment. Watch the sketch right here.

Trump gives a goodbye to Steve Bannon and pledges to build the Wall on the .-Mexico border and make the American tax payer pay for it. Watch the sketch here.

It&rsquo s your Freshman year of college and you&rsquo ve fallen for the campus bad boy, but will you discover his secret?

"SNL" made good on Trump''s all-caps "SEE YOU IN COURT" tweet by taking the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to "The People''s Court." But Judge Milian hassling Trump about his travel ban was a bit too short to really take off. Watch the sketch here.

Finally, she learns that Hawk Moth has a horrible plan that he’s been planning for a long time, and he counts on its execution to defeat her and Cat Noir!

The final cold open of the season references Kate McKinnon''s cold open as Hillary Clinton, making a perfect joke about Donald Trump''s week of news scandals. Scarlett Johansson even returned for a quick guest appearance to reprise her role as Ivanka Trump. Watch it here.

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