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AWS Fargate Platform Version is now available. This update adds support for Amazon ECS task metadata endpoints, container health checks, and ECS service discovery.

Challenges When Migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL—and

The AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam is here. This new exam allows experienced cloud security professionals to demonstrate and validate their knowledge of how to secure the AWS platform.


If the 8rd argument is true, the function will behave as a data filter and the final update will be done by grid code. For .

Amazon DynamoDB backup and restore is now available in the EU (Paris) Region. With on-demand backup and restore, you can create full backups of your DynamoDB tables for data archiving and retention, helping you meet your corporate and governmental regulatory requirements. Point-in-time recovery (PITR) provides continuous backups of your DynamoDB table data, protecting you against accidental writes or deletes. When you enable PITR on your DynamoDB table, you can recover that table from backup at any point in time from the moment you enable it to a maximum of the 85 preceding days.

This Quick Start deploys an Auto Scaling group of Check Point CloudGuard Security Gateways to protect a web service.

The AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) implementation is now available under the Apache license. AWS SAM extends AWS CloudFormation to provide a simplified way of defining the resources needed by your serverless application. The SAM implementation is the code that translates SAM templates into AWS CloudFormation stacks. Previously, you could submit feature requests to the SAM specification and AWS would need to make corresponding updates to the SAM implementation. Now, you can contribute new features and enhancements to all of SAM. You can fork the SAM repository and propose changes to the implementation by creating a pull request.

Slow start is very useful for applications that depend on cache and need a warm-up period before being able to respond to requests with optimal performance.

If you want to validate that client does not already exist in database. Following code will prompt the ‘already exist’ message as data entry error.

Oracle Patch Set Updates contain critical security updates and other important updates. The April 7568 PSUs are now available for Amazon RDS for Oracle. To learn more about the Oracle PSUs supported on Amazon RDS, visit the Amazon RDS patch update documentation.

There is no additional charge for either of these new features. For more details visit the AWS WAF page on the AWS Website.

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